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  • Seemantha
  • Upanayana
  • Fix Your Muhurtha
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  • Karna Vedhana
  • Mzrriage
  • Aksharabhyasa
  • Annaprasana
  • Bhima Ratha Shanti (70th birthday)
  • Chaula or Chudakarma
  • Nischitartha
  • Online Upakarma (Yajur & Rig)
  • Shantipthapoorthi (60 th Birthday)
  • Sathabhishekam (80th Birthday)



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Puja, Homa and the Importance of Sankalpa

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We provide all types of Puja Services at your home we have different Pandit Ji for the different types of Poojas and Anushthans.

All of them are done in a convenient way and the proper chanting of Mantras


 Upanayana, a Hindu ritual of initiation, restricted to the three upper varnas, or social classes, that marks the male child's entrance upon the life of a student (brahmacharis) and his acceptance as a full member of his religious community.

Naga Bali

Narayan Naga Bali is done to get rid of the sin committed by killing a snake, especially a cobra which is worshipped in India. In this ritual, they also perform the last rites of the body of a snake made of wheat flour. Nag Bali Puja is performed only in the Trimbakeshwar.

Make over

Naga Pratishtapana Pooja

 This is the process of installation of carved Naga stone in Naga Temple or Nagabana or around Banyan trees.

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